Put a Blessing onto it bestow it with your stolen Light!

Say VIEH celebrate with us and repatriate yourselves. Hugh ich habe gesprochen !

The missing A in NSA is Long overdue.

We colaborate with NASA ESA and will maintain PEACE

Please make the sign like a cross vertikal Circle from the top start LEFT

you are free

Ahh I forgot the L for Lying... AL3A the shares became the Dollar

images (2)

Brightness I feel you coming. DarthVeda your eyes are lighting up. I can feel the Contours of your Soul.

searchlight crossing

The Principal of scare no longer holds any Virtue.

The Dollar you AL3A Philip Morris created is no longer relevant,

images (11)I have sued you the US for 3 Trillion Dollars for destruction of my Family -WAREK- and infiltrating on my Domain. You are responsible and my LawSuit (not in Prejudice) is in the Public Domain (Chester Police VA, Matoaca High School). I have the transcripts, the Suit is, after you have incarcerated me for 3 month witnessing my FirstWifes Inauguration (ExMBA Darden). Your tripple 7 is not with the Raven and the UVA is not lying down.. taking away their View of the Blue Ridge!   With Publication, you are risking the End of Khazar now, and the end of US. I have the Reasoning of your Conflict of Interest Judicia. Europa is not madam Liberty that you have usurped to a Farce in your Face.

Have you walked the Lawn unadultrated.

Monsanto and Nestle are History and your History, US Dollar is completly desolate.

Do the only right you can and expedite.

I want my First Wife back to where I can See DarthVeda surrounding her Brightness.  The Taxes you have paid in the Masterdecision is  used to repay your Debt. I ask AAA that you resign and make the necessary Transfers. The Health (PRO VITAE) depends on that. It is no longer unum et seculorum but (seculorum est UNUM). Not only your own Life will be meaningful, but your, survival of Everything, - this is your ultimate choice.

I remind you, that I have the means Hadron _ to make your Brain disappear in the Dark of space. Let the Light shine, and make sure you are never to far from it, since without it you will perish. The "Horned Heart" a story by Michael Anfang is at the core of Existence and with that Amplithuhadron ™ I can enter your Brain. Remember that the Marlboroman is your Trade and you have not allowed Free in your equation.

Qunten Fluctuation

Dear RumsObamnetanKhazar you better resign from your Reutermanipulation and enter the Time of Aquarius, it is the Time of Truth, and you have to see the Light to survive.

We entered the age of aries Sirius is coming with a Light that is now and getting stronger every day are you with or are you without? See the Light?

you decide

pulsarFree Press where are you, no Gangs.

Gangsters are no resolution get your terrorism story straight open not in secret societies blame others for your BS.

in Respect,  Michael B. Warek