Earth Seafahring School e.v. a.

Ist aus der

Hamburg Seefahrt Schule


Dieser Warek Plan ist eine Ganzheitliche Vorausschau der Möglichkeiten.

Hier beginnt das Neue Material Zeitalter, wir werden uns weiterer Dimensionen bewusst.

Was kommt auf uns zu. Wo gehen wir hin.

Mal Echt Ehrlich das geht gar nicht anders. Es muss neu bedacht sein.

Im Manipulieren und Digitalem absolut ist nur der Zweifel geboren.

Es gibt kein Digitales Zeitalter oder Dimensionen welche sich digital erschließen lassen.

Wir sind im 360 360 hoch +-2 die Momente des Lichts gehen beiderseits und bringen uns Farbe. Aus der Farbe, wie in den Spektren von Materie zu sehen, bilden sich Amplithuhadronen, Ich nenne diese auch Gehörnte Herzen Sie manifestieren Geometrien aus dem PHI. In diesem RaumZeit Reverbarationen beginnt etwas Form anzunehmen. Jedes Material hat gewisse Ramanbänder welche es auszeichnet diese resultieren aus dem fehlenden Bandbreiten des Gesamtspektrums.

Ihr könnt in die nächsten Dimensionen, welche uns gerade Öffnen, nicht hineintreten wenn Ihr nicht Bewusst seid, das Manipulieren nicht mehr geht.


The new Awareness

Money has lost ist stranglehold.

To complete a Path to Value growth.

We ease into an unconditional Basic Distribution

We use the Phi as Golden Cut  and fixed Exchange

Φ is the currency based on real

denominated with the future achievements, what it is used for, imprinted on its face.

Printed in budget of these achievements.

Spent with the achievement realized.

The backing of value is clear to everyone, it is based in our future and defines it.

Every creativity is funded in full agreement.

We manage the abundance of Money, and make it available.

Growth in real value is our result,

not stacked amount of currency that has no reality.

Money cannot be a store of value it is an exchange medium it has to flow.

Spent for its purpose to grow value in all its versatility. Money is not there to transfer ownership it is there to denominate value and bring it to existance. Money is not the Value it is the means to the value if it flows toward that goal.

We the People, are in open Exchange. Money will go over the table again, not in a cloud creating hardships.

Subversive activities' of secret societies and gangs are uncovered with reconciliation and are no longer tolerated.

Taxes are abolished and not at all needed Projekts are funded by the shares that are isssued as Phi.

The Value is not squeezed from the bottom poor but driven from future Value to be created.


Therefore Money will gain Value for its owner only when it is being well spent and circulates. if it is saved and spent in dead ends it devalues for the Originators.

The Originators of the Flow of Value growth are rewarded and able to spend more the ones that do not spend Money for it cause will lose value. It is that simple.

Damage from Time is Money is rectified through redistribution before the change to PHI.

Everybody get creative and cherish our Differences

It is important what everybody wants, that is the start of value creation, it has to overlap with our Insight everybody invited and with what is ultimately possible in the truth of light.

True Color Viviality Somity - TCVS    That means all the hues in their vitality are seen in total.

We cherish the differences and everybody is heard. Nobody is left out.

Money has to be distributed from the base.

No more manipulations.


The world today is engulfed in a hegemony of power manipulations.

The chess game engaged is based on morally gray decisions that cannot stand.

In this gray, corporate America maintains regency through majority rule farce elections in deceitful spending on your ignorance and exclusion of we the people.

Dividing, seeding doubt and operating in covert grey zones - manipulating everything - has no future for anyone.

The strategy of hiding true intention, while separating everyone else into a state of perpetual doubt, has come to covert actions having to follow covert actions to cover up with such intensity that they can hardly be maintained. Agents involved in this covert conquest turn flaccid undesirables to themselves. Their only choice, to experience life again, is in a snowden, revealing reality. Shine the light on all the doubt and do not seed with another twist for your advantage.

The role of Currency.

In exponential Quantative Easing, currencies cannot maintain worth. Covert actions call for more radical covers and the ensuing atrocities are sickening. Human values are lost. the grey morals engulf everything, the nothing ensues in the face of hegemony. Money as absolute value or measure has failed in the current form. The grey actions and use of manipulative tools will bring the black into the minds of the operators. Black as in the absence of fantasy the absence of color and the absence of life. Black as in the visualisation of nothing. With continued lies that you enshroud each intention and previous covert action into a make belief world, it will manifest itself as what it is based on. The light of truth is the only path, you cannot exist without letting the light shine upon previous mistakes. This is how live works. There is no escape into further grey, moments of light reveal the true color of matter itself.

There is no digital choice.

Only in the light does reality reveal itself, the morally grey compromises light, takes away every moment and is endless nothing. Moral enlightenment without compromise opens moments of color that define time and space, you are in reality and your light comes through Phi into your horizon. If you deny this you will lose the mirror of existence. There is no grey reality, you cannot compromise truth. Everything depends on True Color Viviality Somity, there is no compromise that is reality.

Look at the signature of Matter. It is a Matter of Time.

Exchange depends on the belief in the value, which is eroding with every uncovered lie to maintain it. Since it depends on lies to remain in value, it will not sustain scrutiny.

The time of conquest through power are past. We live in a finite world, global awareness is dawning. I declare world peace through, I see you, you see me, real honesty. The morally grey has no color it lacks appeal. The digital ultimatum it poses as its ultimate conquest gives the regent a last choice. All or nothing and both end up as nothing since the all the regent grasps is based on grey moral.

The choice is simple in true color we maintain value. Time and Space as well as Matter remain in existence without it the Horned Heart in the core will no longer beat in reality of Phi. Everyone has the choice to turn to the truth and leave the path of deception it is not to late. In deception you diminish yourself. There will be no happiness in it for you and you will not be able to steal time from others by mongering further fear. We have had enough.

The land of the free, won in conquest, managing to climb, in less than a century, to single global supremacy, has to concentrate on the free that gave it its pride. Bring the vivality of color to reflect value. With that, respect for each difference is inherent. The admission of true color as leading value for life, lets us grow with every encounter without having to dominate or subdue. We can survive everybody completely free. Can you see the Light.

Free means each individual uninstitutionalized, is seen for what he exchanges.

Free like the wind the new conscious, lifts boundaries.

Gangs are no longer formed. Groups engage in common interests and grow group intelligence that does not exclude like gangs used to.

Everyone is celebrated because he is different not because he conforms to the law of the oppressor.

Conformism causes boundaries and even the beneficiaries diminish their wealth through it.

Real democracy is not a decision between left and right or choosing the lesser evil.

Democracy is not 50% majority rule. It is 100% in every decision.

This is achieved by engaging with mutual interest and celebrating our differences.

The Grey as revealed by Michael Ende, „The Neverending Story“, is only manifesting the Nothing in its wake.

Today the Hegemon USA assumes its role of playing geostrategic chess as Graugraman (Animal of Doubt). It is no longer able to maintain an Axis of Evil or believe in their own glory through further lies.

To maintain its adopted leading role in the four key dimensions of power (military, economic, technological, and cultural), Corporate supremacy maintained by branding the grey as leading light is causing the manifested lies they distribute to flare up in genuine discord. The moral stronghold within the grey single sided branding, deprives them of further achievements and real leadership. It is up to us to clarify this to those gone astray in the grey. Follow the true light and you will see color and are able to get rid of the grey.

We are all called on to supply a holistic solution or follow the grey regent over the cliff into the nothing.

Anarchy, as in each one of us seeing the other and treating the other as expected for themselves, is the 100% democracy that has a chance for human survival. Engaging through real engagement in fault free process of clear quality definition, lets the ones that shine with energy, give happiness to others around.

A leadership through this group intelligence has nothing to do with, I am more then you are.

Do not follow the regent, follow your heart and reasoning, looking through your own eyes.

Everybody is engaged, not in the race for supremacy, but in finding the overlap where the light shines without grey. Truth and real honesty are virtues that cannot be compromised. The future is wide open. Everyone is welcome in the light of truth.

The morally grey compromise is not a path and cannot be accepted.




The exchange between supplier and customer is defined by what someone wants and what somebody can deliver in consideration to all affected directly. Everyone has the unencumbered right to engage in Free Trade. No written word needed or secret deals tolerated. Those that try to misuse Free Trade to mistreat life irrespective which form, are chastised. No one can claim contracts in Free Trade that damage life. We claim damages to everyone who has engaged calling it Free Trade and has caused damage wittingly.

Free exchange means that all considerations in truth and reality, not the written word, become the bases of an exchange in open understanding, and the overlap of will and insight, not leaving anything out.

This holistic approach to Free Trade allows everyone to participate for the benefit of everyone.

We will not tolerate covert deals that are struck to benefit one gang or the other. We declare these as what they are gangsters and do not exchange with them. There is enough difference in each exchange, that competition does not become an excluding bid. Everyone is finding their place in this exchange automatically, since in group intelligence it adds everything that grows value, and everyone has different requirements for his own happiness.


The path to Free Trade is paved with obstacles of the bottom line driven corporate manipulation. The branding of theirs and their pride in might, make them easily distinguishable. This institutionalized Trade forces customers to buy what they do not want, need or is good for them. The only interest is increasing the wealth of the shareholder and exploiting the dependants. There is no engagement with the customer in this trade. The supplier creates the customers need by creating changing fads as to suit their sales. The customer is treated by corporate regents as a dumb consumer without choice.


Just in the engagement – I see you, you see me – can we unravel the lies we consume. The branded purchases of, bad for you supplies written into law and followed by mass hysteria without individual choice, can only extinguish life. See for yourself, know what you want, and make decisions that are beneficial to life around you.


Life comes before the written word, we need to return the written word to be based on Free Exchange. The archaic reference to every law, needs to be – I see you, you see me – , as is carried forward from eons ago in UBUNTU from the first emerged landmass on earth.


To make Free Trade work we need to accept globalization in Global Awareness of every individual.

The Seefahrtschule Hamburg engages with anyone interested. Every possible vocation is necessary in Global Awareness, beginning from real understanding without manipulation.


It does not matter whether you are from polar opposite frames of thought. Through the engagement we find the common ground, form groups of common interest and are able, even without words, to communicate effectively. We celebrate our differences in light of, I see you, you see me!


This is defined by Phi the Golden Division with the factor 1.618... . In this 2 plus 1 equals 3 continued to infinity equation, the total complexity has geometric beauty that originates from the first fold always as a complete in complexity that reverberates in the Horned Heart and determines X and Y within and without in timespace creating frequencies of geometric structure that become existent in uncertainty .


This hadron based understanding of the first division is the unconditional bases. Instead of basing value in worthless appearance we use the mirror within the sphere of the whole to define value. The correct denomination of value can be defined by a currency called Phi (spoken Vieh). It assures that everyone engaging with this currency is gaining wealth in self worth, not in exploitation of one party. The global currency Φ (Phi) is a future based denomination. It defines what is to be within every exchange. To bring this currency into circulation, we can call into existence the current future value of what we want to have transpire. If, for instance, we want to solve the problems that trouble us, we give each problem an amount of Φ to be solved according to perceived importance, and bring them into existence. The problems become challenges, and our belief and want in solving these, let the currency circulate and grow or diminish in value according to the engaged exchanges. With this circulation only the challenges we want to solve in a 100% democracy are on the agenda. No one has to guide us, we are guided by Global Intelligence a group intelligence that fills every individual soul with light and happiness in resolute conviction.


The Seefahrtschule Hamburg at the Gate to the World and the start of the TerraCity the Gate to the Universe teaches Global Awareness to everyone. One person at a time.


Germany is currently taking up refugees from war-torn areas. These refugees have felt the humanitarian catastrophe of war and are aware of the mindset creating these wars. They had to open their eyes to the effects of conquest. As such they are candidates explicitly welcomed in the exchange of the Seefahrtschule Hamburg. We intend not to limit this influx of refugees but welcome everyone to participate in the gate of new consciousness with benefit to Germany as location of transformation to globalization into sustainability and prosperity.


We take everyone from anywhere that has interest in Free Trade and teach them to be at home on this one Earth. There is no limit as to how many persons can engage in Global Awareness. We have ships, and acquire further ones, that we teach ancient Seamanship and celestial navigation with a hands on material approach. Wooden hulls, and century old steel ships and carbon composite heavy freighters are the training platforms for the Global Awareness in this space and time.


We enable the refugees to spread out into the world through courses and take Global Awareness to the most distant locations on this planet. A sense of belonging caring and balancing of the shared virtues will create real advance in culture, technology and social endeavour. This is reflected and reverberated in, I see you, you see me in every encounter. Between the X and the Y, inward and outward, masculine and feminine, holistically always aware of the sphere that determines each individual horizon. We grow these individual horizons in free exchange, enabling dreams, curbing any notion of using an advantage to suppress foreign intelligence. Within free exchange, we have no covert intelligence. We share our interests, and grow them into reality by the check and bounds of every single entity encountered in supply and want. Be open and celebrate in common interest.


No matter how simple we start and how small we think, this school of life has a horizon that paves its path. Just as the core of matter is in the hadron, which is the bases of space and time, this school of life grows from the heart and soul. There we find the very existence of everything, relying on the truth of light in the now, diverted in its multitude frequency and geometry to refract at horizons that exists between the instant and the infinite nothing. Black and light, time and space is reflected in moments of color. As the Raman spectrum reveals, color of every element, is its banded signature. The moments are color from the origin – light – and refract into geometries of matter. The soul of life, that directs these moments to become an entity in-between the formation of the reflecting event horizons, in reverberating molecular bonds, requires celebration of diversity. Germany is blessed to be the destination of choice to begin this awareness. We tear down these Walls that encage us. There are no borders.


This Seefahrtschule is the beginning of shared knowledge and the end of covert intelligence. It is spread by open understanding with energy that supports every life within its influence.


Global Intelligence is overt and invites all intelligence to come forward and be celebrated. We do not need secrecy.


Open exchange begins with the refugees coming across the borders. We greet them with openness, welcome them, and give them a purpose that enables them to leave at will, to create a better world.


By exchanging in common interest groups, we create branches of the tree of life, that are held together in a network that supports each other. We begin this network by calling interested participants that will grow group intelligence in common interest. In these groups, differences are explicitly welcomed. There are no boundaries to what interests should be followed up.


We herewith give suggestions for your engagement which should be viewed as not exclusive. We welcome every interest and will engage to reflect this in the light of understanding, will and insight.

To begin, every member will participate in Global Awareness, engaging with life in truth.



  1. Craftsmanship, understanding and handling matter with hands on approach:


  • We begin with materials found in everyday life.
  • Create interest in ancient arts of handling materials from the first to the third dimension.
  • Rebuild wooden workboats and fit them with sails and use these as training ships while maintaining maritime history.
  • The Peking, a 111 meter 4500 ton Flying P-Liner, used to be the pride of Hamburg sailing cargo, is to be brought back to Hamburg from New York, made seaworthy and used as bases for the School and pride and magnet for Hamburg.
  • Sailing modern cargo vessels, based on hydrodynamic advances and use of technologically advanced drives, are constructed and put into the Free Trade shipping line, sending the refugees as navigators of this world into an economic freedom.
  • From the hadron to electron bonding, create matter, molecules and composites and finding use for these new materials. Modern craftsmen, understanding handling matter in diverse configurations, become assets to society, and are able to generate income anywhere.
  • Generating new industrial sectors that grow economic wealth.


  1. Navigation and knowledge of our environment, understanding our position in the universe:


  • Global environment and nature in its diversity understanding how to handle these.
  • Finding our position wherever we are without instruments.
  • Celestial navigation, understanding the position in relation to the stars and planets.
  • Captain managing sailing cargo and transportation.



Cultural activities, food, music, languages and any other form of mutual exchange and individual expression are part of our engagement with mutual celebration of every value grown. We invite you to participate.