We find ourselves isolated

Thrashing violently in the dark

We find ourselves Isolated

Thrashing violently in the dark

An umbra of discord shrouds this place
The trenches between us deepening
The pressures at these depths crushes me
Icy waters fill my chest
My lungs can't take much more of this
A shadow of distrust
Burrows in our relationship
I keep trying to piece together why it all just fell apart

The lies you've spat
Venom escapes your tongue
I'll hear the truth out of you

For years
I've endured
Half truths and deception
This burden that wasn't mine

I've heard
Every pitiful excuse
One sided dialogues
Failed recourses, false alibis

This world is wrong
This life I've built is not my own
Time has devolved
Now an abstraction of different perspectives

This world is wrong
The life I had was taken from me
My breath eludes me
A coil of rage fastens around my throat
The air is stagnant
The stench of distrust dulls my senses
A distorted silhouette of your visage
Pierces through this somber miasma

Cast down
Sprawled out
Your defiled plumage scattersl ike ashes throught the air
Laid bare
Bled dry
I will forsake all we've made if it means I'll hear the truth

We find ourselves isolated
Thrashing violently in the dark
This world can't be right for me
The life I've built isn't truly mine
We find ourselves isolated
Thrashing violently in the dark
This family serves as my prison
The life I've led has been a fraud

The sunlight pierces through the blinds
Where your shadow was once cast
I'm left alone
Collapsing under my own grief
This hollow crest once contained the heart of a better man
And now he's gone
Having succumed to this maelstrom
The home we've forged has crumbled around its own foundation
By my hands I've assured all our discord
The future once seemed so bright
When I had you by my side
Those days have passed
Blotted out in the pale skyline

Now here I lay
In pursuit of a futile dawn
Daybreak can't
Forego these clouds
Now I can see what we really are
Wasted potential

You can't take this back

This wretched world
Has opened my eyes
Clarity ensues
As the tide travels backwards
This vicious whorl is finally quelled